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Company Profile

    E.sun established in 1993,after many years dedicated and development,E.sun products have been widely used and installed both in domestic and abroad in the gravure printing .The technology ,performance and reliability of our products have been proved in the filed and our products have been achieved same or better performance over our competitors from abroad . The products have been designed and manufactured to be exchangeable with same category products from abroad.The impression roller ,which is the accessory of the electrostatic assist has achieved same or better performance in the electrical and plastic properties over our competitor's one from abroad .we both  product electrostatic assist and establishes roller manufacturing site that is expected from the custom is the highest quality times as well as excellent service.

    The E.sun supply program:electronic assist,electronic impression roller ,impression roller ,rubber blanket for ESA ,sleeves roller ,instrument of static elimination. 


Address:Jinhai Road, Tianjin Jinghai
Development Area No. 25

Website: http://www.zzjingran.com


Phone :022 -68,609,836

Fax :022 -68,609,883

Zip Code: 301600

Copyright: Tianjin East, Printing
Equipment Co., Ltd.

Technical support:www.hualai.net.cn

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